Meinl 20" Classics Custom Dark Ride Cymbal



20" Ride Cymbal with B10 Formulation
Item ID: CC20DAR


What we think:


Packed with a loud, authoritative punch and balanced stick definition, the Meinl 20" Classics Custom dark ride cymbal provides you with a cutting sound that delivers a full spectrum of overtones when it opens up. Equally at home with metal, rock, pop, and fusion, driving the beat with this ride feels more like a pleasure and less like a chore. On top of that, the glassy character of this cymbal easily pierces through the massive roar of distorted guitars, so you don't have to play hard to be heard.


Manufacturer Description:

The Meinl 20" Classics Custom Dark Ride is an extremely musical cymbal that manages to combine a sharp, defined attack with a wide range of rich and complex overtones. This innovative cymbal is ideal for any style of music and manages to give you a unique tonality while still giving you the definition you love from a heavier ride.

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