Meinl Percussion Traditional String Cajon - Makah-Burl



Box Cajon with Adjustable Strings, Rubberwood Body, and Makah-Burl Sound Board - Natural


What we think:


Make the brilliant design and refined tone of Meinl Percussion's CAJ3MB-M Traditional String Cajon the heartbeat of your music. The CAJ3MB-M balances the ruggedness of all-rubberwood construction with the beauty of a Makah-Burl frontplate to impart natural presence, added response and sensitivity, and warmth to your tone. The snare strings are easily adjusted using the included allen key - you can dial in tone that gives your rhythm the voice it needs to cut through the mix when you're onstage and the strength to keep the beat during acoustic jam sessions


Manufacturer Description:

The MEINL CAJ3MB-M String Cajon with it's Makah Burl Front plate looks great and sounds even better. MEINL Cajons feature an adjustable sizzle effect that can be adjusted with their patented integrated string mute system. The body is made from environmentally friendly siam oak and features a padded sitting surface. MEINL Cajons are perfect for traditional flameco and Afro Cuban music as well as more modern styles. The Cajon provides a great psuedo bass drum for acoustic gigs. 

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