Meinl Ebony Bass Pedal Cajon


Box Cajon with great bass tones, Adjustable top cornerss, Rubberwood Body, and Ebony Sound Board - Natural

What we think:

Make the brilliant design and refined tone of Meinl Percussion 's CAJ5EB-M Modern Snare Cajon the heartbeat of your music. The CAJ5EB-M balances the ruggedness of all-rubberwood construction with the beauty of an ebony frontplate to impart natural presence, added response and sensitivity, and warmth to your tone. The snare strings are easily adjusted using the knob on the side - you can dial in tone that gives your rhythm the voice it needs to cut through the mix when you're onstage and the strength to keep the beat during acoustic jam sessions.

Manufacturer Description:

The MEINL Bass Pedal Cajon features another unique innovation, which proves once again MEINL's leading R/D status in the worldwide percussion scene. A pedal attached to the cajon adjusts the amount of pressure used to press the snare wires against the front plate, and can even be turned off completely This system allows the player to change the settings of the snare wires while playing a rhythm with both hands without an interruption. Due to its size being bigger than the standard MEINL Cajons, the instrument has more projection and bass frequencies.

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