Jim Merrill's guitars often sound more vintage than vintage guitars themselves, and that's right out the gate. Imagine what these guitars will sound like once they've opened up for a few years! The 2002 C-18 we've got here is a golden opportunity to see just how much a contemporary instrument can sound like its long-lost prewar cousin.Built sturdily but to lightweight specs, this C-18 comes with Mahogany back and sides for a clean low-end presence and Adirondack Spruce top for a bright, punchy middle register and attack. Not surprisingly, this Dreadnought is built with the Bluegrass player in mind, but thanks to trebles which are well-balanced and a bottom E string that is tight and expressive, the C-18 performs beautifully for fingerpicking passages, as well as lightning flatpick sessions. Overall, the voice is muscular, full of vim and vigour, and the bottom-end has enough warmth to warm you on the coldest winter nights.

Year Condition Color
2002 Very Good Mahogany


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