Mesa Boogie WalkAbout Scout 1x15 Combo Bass Amp


Portable, versatile, convertible - A bass combo for any situation

What we think:

This super-portable convertible Mesa boasts a 15" speaker, perfect for pushing out a good deal of low end. I love the fact that you can remove the head and adapt to what the gig needs rather than having to always tote around a full cabinet. Fortunately this cabinet is excellent either way and the floor-facing port allows for a natural room bass response. Mesa is a solid brand and I'd be happy to talk to you about it!


Manufacturer Description:

The WalkAbout Scout™ features a unique down-firing Passive Bass Radiator System and now

includes our versatile Player Control™ Network. The Scout also features a clever “rear-load”

mounting compartment that was designed to hold a standard WalkAbout™ Bass Amp, enabling

it to convert from a Combo to a Head.

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