Nice and clean, cover and manual included. 

From MB:
Five knobs...and the debut of Progressive Linkage™. SAY WHAT? No, not a carburetor—Progressive Linkage is a patented breakthrough concept in power amp design. This home-style barbeque grilles different cuts of tube for different power ranges and flavors—enabling you to choose between—or combine—them for the ultimate in pushed power expression.

The Angel’s tasty gumbo is fired by two 6V6’s and four EL-84’s. The bubbly, warm 6V6’s throw down 15 juicy watts when used solo.

The flavor is Fullerton, circa 1960, sweet as the oranges that once grew in the pre-mall Southern California sun.

Locking in the four EL-84’s produces a brighter character—tighter and more aggressive, with a nice spread in the upper harmonics. This 33 watt configuration is royal jelly for the stinging blues.

Yet these two classic and undeniably favorite power tubes, great as they are, do have their drawbacks. When pushed too far into clip, 6V6’s tend to get flubby and indistinct. EL84’s, conversely, can be thin at times, lacking bass and warmth. Progressive Linkage changes all that, and ushers in a new era of touch sensitive power clip. Combining these two occasionally ill-behaved power tubes by kicking into Simul Link™ allows each tube’s weakness to become a strength when used in tandem. The EL-84s add tightness and attack to the looser 6V6s. In return, the 6V6’s better bass response warms up the EL-84s, giving them breathiness and a more resilient feel.

Date the Angel. Purists, your prayers are answered.

By any reckoning, the Blue Angel delivers the quality tones and workmanship you might expect from a much more expensive designer amp. It is an extraordinary instrument.”

Handcrafted in Petaluma, California
Progressive Linkage™ power section allows you to switch between or combine 2x6V6 & 4xEL84 for 15, 33, or 38 Watts, of Pure Class A Power / 5x12AX7, 1x5AR4
Two Inputs (1=Normal, 2=Low)
Bright/Fat Switch
Spring Reverb
Parallel FX Loop
w/Mix Level Control
Slave Out w/Level Control

Rock n Roll Vintage Guitars

Rock n Roll Vintage Guitars

Mesa Boogie
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Rock n Roll Vintage Guitars
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