This is a Mesa Boogie Electrdyne Simulclass 45/90 1 x 12 combo in nearly new condition. This was kept in a smoke free home studio, and not used on gigs. The combo also includes a footswitch and original manual. Shipping costs are estimated...Contact us if you are interested, and we can give you a more exact figure. We also have a matching 2 x 12 cabinet as well. Check the other listings.

Though the Mesa/Boogie Electra Dyne Combo tube guitar amp features a very easy-to-use 6-knob layout on its front panel, you'll be blown away by its tonal flexibility. Inside its ultra-portable 1 x 12" chassis you'll find a powerhouse of an amp that's loud enough for any stage — the Electra Dyne Combo is capable of producing a hefty 90 watts, thanks to its Simul-Class power section (equipped with 6L6 tubes but compatible with EL34s as well). Great-sounding reverb, a bypassable effects loop, slave-out functionality, and 2-button footswitch are also included with the Electra Dyne Combo.

Electra Dyne Combo 90-watt, 1 x 12" Tube Combo Amplifier at a Glance:

A ton of tonal flexibility lurks behind a simple front panel
Dial in the power section of your dreams
Add some "air" with great-sounding onboard reverb

A ton of tonal flexibility lurks behind a simple front panel
The Electra Dyne packs a ton of functionality and tonal flexibility behind its front panel's simple-to-use, 6-knob layout. Deeply rooted in the best of the Brit lineage, the Electra Dyne takes modified English gain sounds and sorts them into Lo and High regions. These two choices are combined with a retro-minded, American-voiced clean "channel" and linked to one mini-toggle that gives you three of the most classic sounds in Rock and Roll on one switch! And unlike other amps of this style, footswitchable modes and the finely tuned control interface allow many players to stomp back and forth "across the pond" — without touching a single control!

Dial in the power section of your dreams
Adapt the Electra Dyne to your tonal needs (and volume needs) with Mesa/Boogie's patented Simul-Class power section. It blends the efficiency and headroom of Class A/B Pentode operation with the sweeter clip and enhanced harmonics of Class A-style wiring. Choose between the Simul-Class quartet of 6L6 power tubes for 90 watts of authority or, switch down to a pair of tubes using Class A/B operation for a bouncy, easier-clipping 45 watts. You can also load the Electra Dyne with EL34 tubes for a brighter Brit-style voice, thanks to the switchable Bias Select function.

Add some "air" with great-sounding onboard reverb
Want to add even more dimension to the Electra Dyne's great tonality? An onboard all-tube reverb gives you the lush texture you need, and it's voiced perfectly for this amp. The reverb circuit can be switched-in to be active in all modes, defeated in either Lo or High gain Modes (Clean remains active), or hard bypassed, which removes the entire circuit (including the Reverb tube) from the signal path — this flexibility makes it a purist's delight.

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