This is a wonderful amp made by Mesa Boogie called the Heartbreaker. It was special ordered w/its figured maple cabinet that quite frankly makes it more like a show piece of fancy furniture. The following description below tells the whole story of its features. Its is basically unplayed, near mint & was a living room fixture all of its life. It’s now ready to enjoy every day if you can handle its power & toyz.
Conceived as the 25th Anniversary Tribute to the original Mark I, the Heartbreaker is a two channel / five mode, footswitchable rendering of that evolutionary milestone. The channels – Love and Lust, trace the two faces of rock-and-roll back to their amplified roots celebrating the stylistic yin and yang that was taking shape simultaneously on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Love embodies all the black-face magic of yesteryear and can be switched between three distinct regions of gain ranging from bubbly, chiming clean, up through medium gain blues – all the way to the liquid, singing voice of the fabled Mark I’s lead channel… the world’s first high gain performance.
The Lust channel flashes an enticing blend of harmonically lush sounds across two diverse modes that serve it up any style. From the saucy howl of a 4×10 Tweed to a teasing plexi purr – Lust toys with the fine line between clean and dirty with sinful sincerity. Both channels sport selectable voicing options as well as individual Reverb and Presence controls.
The entire personality of this dynamic diva can be further altered with the Bold/Curvaceous switch. One flick of this powerful master makeover switch toggles between the best traits of the genders. Bold delivers masculine authority and maximum headroom, while Curvaceous softens the feel and produces tones of the rounder variety making it possible to adapt to any stylistic parlor you may find yourself in.
The Heartbreaker’s four 6L6s are supplied high-voltage from a dynamic tube rectifier or can be switched to the silicon-diodes for added punch and headroom. The on-board Bias Selector allows substitution of either EL34 or 6V6 output tubes for the shipped quartet of 6L6’s capturing a more Euro vibe or, if you prefer, a true low power retro feel. Each selection has its own distinctive feel and forte.
For further power compression, use the Tweed switch which acts like a built-in Variac. A half power (60/100 watt) switch lets you choose your ponies to further dress down for more intimate occasions. Two custom Celestion 12’s drive the arrows deep making it hard to forget the Heartbreaker’s wider sonic footprint.

Handcrafted in Petaluma, California
100 Watts, Class A/B Power / 4x6L6, 7x12AX7, 1x5AR4
Bias Select Switch (6L6/6V6 or EL-34)
Half Power Switch (100/60 Watt Power Switch)
2 Channels (1=Love 2=Lust), 4 Modes (Channel 1 =Mk I Clean, Mk I Medium Gain, Mk I High Gain, Channel 2 =Tweed Clean & British Gain)
Independent Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Reverb and Master Controls per Channel
Fat/Trim Switches (Channel 1&2, High Gain Modes)
Bright/Warm Switch (Channel 2, High or Low Gain Modes)
Spring Reverb
Output Level Control (over all channels)
Bold/Curvacious Switch (Power Voicings=Modern/ Normal)
Rectifier Select Switch (Tube/ Silicon Diodes)
Full Power/Tweed “Variac” Switch
FX Loop
Slave Out w/Level Control
1 Button Footswitch (Channel Select)
Slip Cover
Head (Width 26 1/4″)
2×12 Combo, Celestion 90 Speakers, Track-Loc Caster

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Mesa Boogie
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