Digital disbelievers scoffed at the very idea of packing five 12AX7’s and 25 years of tube tone heritage into one rack space of pure magic...but there they are...five little tone bottles, glowing quietly-all too ready to rock the house. Eight separate modes deliver the elusive creamy gain of the Mark I, the heralded focus of the Mark IIC+, the scooped Rhythm of the Mark IV™, and a modified British lead mode. But these are just a few of the classic sounds at your fingertips.

Most programmable preamps start with a digital control circuit and then adapt the audio to fit the confines of the digital framework. We weren’t about to compromise the audio just to take the short cut. Instead, our three years of research produced a patented technology, which preserves in every nuance and detail of the exact audio elements that made these classic sounds in the first place. The digital circuitry was forced to serve—not dictate the tone. Each control’s up and down keys work much like an old style knob...all parameters are displayed and active all the time. To you, that means no scrolling to find your Treble on the gig. You don’t have to wonder how your Bass and Mid are set, you can see them from across the stage.

You can store your favorite sounds into 90 user presets and these can be mapped to any of the 128 midi program locations. To get you started, we’ve included 20 defeatable / retrievable factory presets, 10 of which can demonstrate SmartPower™ voicing options where TriAxis controls our power amps that feature SmartPower, switching their capabilities to further enhance individual modes and sounds. Make no mistake—TRIAXIS IS an arsenal of the most powerful guitar tones available in the world today...and that’s without using the Continuous Control function. But don’t believe us, just listen to the likes of John Petrucci and James Hetfield who have used the TriAxis for decades.

Other Specifications include:

Rhythm/Green - Vintage Fat Clean (Mark I, Black-face)
Rhythm/Yellow - Modern Hyper-Clean (Mark IV)
Lead 1/Green - Vintage Mark I Lead
Lead 1/Yellow - Vintage Mark 1 Gain Boost
Lead 1/Red - Classic British Lead
Lead 2/Green - Medium Boogie Gain
Lead 2/Yellow - Classic Boogie Lead (Mark IIC+/Mark IV)
Lead 2/Red - Searing Boogie Lead

For more information about the Mesa Boogie Triaxis - Programmable Pre-Amp, please contact us at 314-781-7500.

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