The Real Deal! All original Mark IIC+ - not a MkIIC conversion - in the very desirable Wood & Wicker cabinet with original Black Shadow speaker. This one is the preferable "Super Sixty" with two 6L6's for the purest and best MK IIC+ sound. It has the very useful EQ, great reverb and is in excellent condition...I mean really nice in all respects. Probably because it has always lived in the included anvil case. The Imbinue wood is gorgeous with curls & bear claws. Serial number is 14280 and I have confirmed its identity with Mesa directly, passes all the tests and of course, "+" sign on back. Fresh set of tubes from Mesa. A beautiful and clean version of this, the best of the Boogies! More photos available on request. Buyer pays shipping.

Coady Music LLC

Mesa Engineering
Near Mint
Wood & Wicker
5 Years
Coady Music LLC
Tracy A Beer
Annapolis, MD
9:20 PM
9:00 to 5:00 Eastern Standard Time

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