Michael Tuttle Custom Worn T Sunburst 233 (1 of 2) - Used


A used piece in absolutely fantastic condition!! Only 2 like it in the world. 

What we think:

Eddie knew that if Michael Tuttle aged a guitar it would be unbeatable and miraculous.  After some convincing Tuttle accepted and conquered the challenge.  The worn T by Michael Tuttle has insanely amazing playability.  the aging is so tastefully done, very lightly, not beaten to a pulp but enough to give it that livliness that many aged guitars have.  Now these worn guitars will only be available at Sound Pure and we could not be more honored and excited!

Manufacturer Description:

For the past two decades Michael has specialized in the fine art of what it takes to make a piece of wood feel good. Michael makes the necks feel like they're a part of your hands from the moment you pick them up.

Michael Tuttle's background includes stints with Valley Arts and Don Grosh Guitars, where, among other things, he gained a reputation for his fretwork. As a guitar player for the last 30 years, the transition from a professional musician to guitar builder has been a valuable asset to his company. He built his first guitar in the early 80's and in 1993 started building guitars commercially. After 10 years of honing the art of guitar building working for other organizations it was time to start out on his own. Michael Tuttle Guitars began in 2003. His unique craftsmanship and quality are unparalleled. Once you've played a Tuttle you'll know!

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