Miktek C7e Large Diaphragm Muti-Pattern Matched Pair


An absolutely exceptional modern LDC microphone, the C7e offers a silky-sweet top-end, natural and open midrange, and a warm and round bottom-end. This FET LDC has all of your bases covered; from acoustic instruments to guitar amps, to a full drum kit to lead vocals. 

What we think:

The C7 is truly the ultimate “workhorse” LDC. Although primarily marketed as a vocal mic, the C7 is often my first choice for drum overheads, acoustic guitars, and auxiliary percussion as well. The crisp yet incredibly sweet top end really makes whatever you put it in front of sound ethereal. When a vocalist hears themselves for the first time in their headphones through the C7 their reaction is almost always the same, “Wow I’ve never heard myself sound so good before!”. 
Despite the gorgeous hi-freq lift the mic is actually quite neutral and true to source. The custom AMI output transformer does add a touch of flattering color, but executed in the most tasteful way possible. The Bias switch located inside the mic is one of my favorite touches. In a Hip-hop/ R&B situation where there will be sections of fast, percussive vocal phrases juxtaposed with intimate soulful singing I would often find myself reaching for two different mics. With the C7 both bases are covered to an idealistic degree just by switching the capsule bias voltage from +48 for the more nuanced touch and +60 for the more aggressive flavor.  

Manufacturer Description:

The Miktek C7e, multi-pattern, large diaphragm FET condenser will impress the most critical listeners and inspire artists to create their best performance. The microphone’s pick-up characteristic is selectable; offering cardioid, omni and bidirectional patterns. In addition, the C7e employs a high-pass filter and –10dB pad for recording loud sound sources.
The frequency response is warm on the bottom and silky-sweet on the top, yet at the same time, the midrange is natural and open. The microphone produces amazing results when recording acoustic instruments, guitar amps, or as overheads on a drum kit. But of course, the C7e really excels on vocal applications.
The C7e utilizes the new MK7 capsule developed by Miktek engineers, featuring dual 1-inch diaphragms made using 5-micron Mylar with a 0.4-micron layer of evaporated gold. Diaphragms are then precisely tensioned, mounted to carefully- tuned backplates, and finally set back-to-back, with electronic isolation, to create the finished capsule.
The C7’s head amplifier has been designed around the AMI T7 transformer and, together with the implementation of high-quality components including hand-selected transistors, offers a sweet response reminiscent of highly desirable vintage microphones.
In addition, the innovated head amplifier design features a unique circuit that allows the engineer to switch the capsule bias voltage from +48 to +60 volts. This proprietary circuit implementation essentially provides the mic with two voices; allowing you to choose between a classic and modern microphone. At +48 volts the capsule’s diaphragm is under less tension, so it’s able to react to extremely subtle changes in sound pressure; enabling the microphone to capture the slightest nuances in any performance. When the bias voltage is set to +60 volts, the C7e is extremely accurate and articulate.
The Miktek C7e is hand assembled, tested and packaged in Nashville, Tennessee, USA using components from the US, Europe and Asia. Each microphone includes its serialized frequency response graph created during final testing.
The C7e is packaged with its swivel mount, in a wooden box, and set inside a rugged aluminum case along with the included shock mount.

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