Mojave Ampworks 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet


Beefy sounding 4x12 Extension Cabinet that will blow away nearly all others

What we think:

Sell all of your other british style cabs and hear the amazing power and clarity of the Mojave 4x12 speaker cab! This cabinet is serious. All business. A true rocker! all that air going through the G12H 30 speakers will change your mind about the majority of (if not all) other 4x12 cabs.

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Manufacturer Description:

This cabinet is equipped with (4) Celestion G12H 30W Ceramics.The total power-handling capacity of the cabinet is 120 watts. We selected these speakers for several reasons. One reason for choosing the G12H 30s is because they had the correct frequency response we were looking for. The G12H 30 is a true representation of an old G12H 30 from the late '60s. Another reason for selecting the G12H 30 is the excellent low-end response. (picture at right is with back removed)

All Mojave AmpWorks cabinets are built from an 11-ply birch. The Mojave AmpWorks 4x12 cabinet is unique in that we build our cabinet around our speaker baffle. The baffle itself is fixed and non removable, this makes for a sturdy cabinet from all around. The grill front is easily removable with four simple screws. The cabinet is equipped with two inset metal handles, instead of plastic, for better strength. All four casters are removable to allow for easy stacking. The front grill is made of a durable paper based fiber. A solid metal nameplate is used on every Mojave amplifier and cabinet. The nameplate is acid etched with raised lettering. Top quality at every turn assures the user a great asset value and excellent sound quality.

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