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This is my 8th guitar build that was finished in 2016. I'm currently building guitar #31.
This is a deep bodied 14 fret 00 Martin style guitar with Red Spruce top and Macacauba B & S. Macacauba is a Central American wood that is used for Marimba bars and has similar reflective properties to Brazilian RW. I've used it quite a bit and it is one of my top choices when available. I use it for bridge plates quite often.

The neck is one piece genuine mahogany with a 2-way truss rod as well as two carbon fiber rods inlaid into the neck. The neck is on the fat side and quite stable and should remain so for a few 100 years.
The fretboard and bridge are ebony. Maple bridge plate. Maple bindings.

I use mostly older Martin specs for my guitars. The guitar is now 4 years old and sounds fantastic. It's a good opportunity for someone to own a hand crafted guitar for a reasonable price. It is being sold as is cosmetically but I will offer full warranty on the structure of the guitar if reasonably taken care of. I brace the upper bout a little differently than Martin does and thus my guitars do not have movement in the top which would require a neck reset. But I will back them up as long as I am around.

Red Spruce top (Adirondack)
Macacauba back and sides
Genuine Mahogany neck. 2-way truss rod plus carbon fiber rods
Ebony fretboard and bridge. 1 23/32" nut width. 2 1/4" saddle spacing
Maple bridge plate and binding
Sitka bracing hand shaped and tuned
Animal glue construction. (fish glue and hot hide glue)
Dovetail neck joint. Traditional.

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