Mono Doolittle Guitar Strap - Dolphin Gray


Durable, comfortable, and minimalist. A classier take on your typical guitar strap.

What we think:

Mono is known for their stylish take on guitar accessories and The Doolittle strap is no exception. I am amazed at the quality of materials put into these things! The strap itself feels like someone took all of your most comfortable t-shirts and made a seatbelt out of it; strong and reliable, but weightless and soft. Most impressively, the end panels themselves are made of the same rubber that Navy Seals rafts are made from!

Mono straps are the most durable, reliable, and comfortable strap we have ever stocked and would make a perfect companion to any of our guitars!

Manufacturer Description:

The Doolittle guitar strap is a refreshingly simple design, with a look and feel that is sure to make it a classic for generations to come. Using a 2" wide weave of reinforced cotton, the Doolittle is designed to wear well over time, conform to the wearer, and become more comfortable the older it gets. Clean lines and industrial materials complete the minimalist aesthetic. Custom dyed colors offer a tasteful palette of options to fit any guitar, on any occasion. Fully adjustable from 39" - 68" (pin-to-pin).

Skulls, lightning bolts, howling wolves. There are a lot guitar straps out there that clammour for attention. We felt we needed to introduce a subtle design that invites people to listen more and stare less. Whether you're sporting a suit and tie on stage, or a t-shirt and jeans, the classic look of the Doolittle makes it the perfect accessory.

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