Moog CP-251 Moogerfooger Control Processor


Moogerfooger effects processor and so much more!

What we think:

This instrument brings all of your Moog gear to yet ANOTHER level of possibilty. With classic synth circuitry, this device is as much an instrument itself as it is a means of controlling and expanding your current Moog setup. Multiply your sound-generation capabilities exponentially with this powerful tool from Moog!

Manufacturer Description:

The CP-251 Control Processor can be used in connection with one or more Moogerfooger analog effects modules, the Minimoog Voyager, or other voltage-controlled gear. The CP-251 adds the same kind of power and versatility of the classic MOOG modular synthesizers.


There are two kinds of signals in a modular analog synthesizer: audio and control. As audio signals go through a system of synthesizer modules, they get shaped into the sounds that you hear. Control signals, on the other hand, correspond to the variations in the sound that are imparted by the synthesizer modules, like invisible hands that turn the knobs of the modules.


The CP-251 provides a dual waveform LFO, Noise Generator, Sample-and-Hold circuit, as well as two attenuators, a lag processor, a CV mixer and a 4-way mult. This gives you ways to modify, mix, and distribute control voltages to produce the incredible variety of sounds and effects that analog synthesizers are famous for.


Power Supply is included for use with 110 VAC.


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