In 2015 Joe Morgan found a limited batch of forgotten NKT275 transistors. The NKT275 transistor is the classic Fuzz Face transistor and has become basically in-obtanium to larger scale production. Joe felt with such a find of classic tone creators, that it was his DUTY to recreate a classic fuzz face circuit with the original components. Joe hand sorts through EVERY one of these transistors and individually checks for leakage and gain. Only these hand selected pairs are used on the NKT275 fuzz these pedals. We only have a finite amount of transistors for these pedals and when they are gone they are gone. Remember each of these transistors is like a snowflake and there will be some tonality difference from pedal to pedal - but they will all be in the same ballpark of greatness, just slightly different shades..

Other specifications include:

Classic NKT275 style fuzz
Vintage germanium transistors
Hand selected and matched components
True bypass
Hand Built in Los Angeles, CA
4.37 x 2.37 x 1.07

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