You smell that? Damn!! That STANK!! Player, that is the FwonkBeta: Purple Funk Generator. While it may seem like a simple envelope filter, the FwonkBeta is actually a Purple Funk Generator. Why, might you ask is this called a Purple Funk Generator? Well, it’s pretty simple. The FwonkBeta Generates Purple Funk. And it STANK. The FwonkBeta has sooooo much hind behind it, you may only be able to feel the funk, because your ears can’t even hear the THROB swingin oh so low and heavy.

Stroking the Funk:

• Get low and sweaty. Its only gonna get slipperier.

• Insert your instrument into the input jack (right side) and your amp into the output jack (left side).

• Start with all the knobs set straight up. • Depress the footswitch, and graze over that string as if it’s both of your VERY FIRST TIME. It happens fast. Feel it.

• Be careful with the FWONK. It’ll move and shake with weight. Adjust to just what feels good to you.

• If you want a little more up top, turn that JUICE up. If you want that low-downdirty-shameless 20/20 hindsight that only comes with years of watching that hind, keep it low.


• The THICKEST, FUNKIEST, STANKIEST filter on planet earth

• FWONK control for extra sauce

• True-bypass

• 9VDC power (2.1mm negative center pin adapter) or internal 9V battery

Rock n Roll Vintage Guitars

Rock n Roll Vintage Guitars

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