Designed by Leo Fender during his tenure with Musicman, after he sold Fender. These are versatile amps with plenty of power, and it’s high & low power switch give it the flexibility a Fender Twin will never have. Rated at 130 watts. Amp is in solid shape, with a few dings to the tolex. Chassis panel hand lettered 10-29-79. Has two replaced reissue knobs.
Serial # B011134. 4 EL-84 (6CA7’s), with a solid state preamp. Original caps with hand lettering, resistors, and power cord. Original blue stamped accutronics reverb pan labeled 25 79270. Output speaker impedance switch for 4 ohms or 8 ohms. Deep & normal switch. My website has some extra pics, email if you need more.

Copper Basin Guitars

Copper Basin Guitars

Black tolex
Copper Basin Guitars
Copper Basin
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