Final Sale – Project - If you are looking for a pedigreed bass, this isn’t it.  This bass was a product of Dr. Frankenstien Neck and body are a 1979 bass.  The neck has a repaired fretboard split at the 1st fret like a lot of Jazz Basses do. It doesn’t look bad. The body is refined, and has an arm and tummy contour added. The Electronics, bridge (top loader and a string thru body) are off an 83 I believe. Original tuners and guard, countersunk strap locks, refret, etc..  Like I said, It’s all over the place. The neck has ok relief and needs a minor level and dress as it plinks out at the 15th fret(not too bad). Selling the bass for less than the price of the parts if I were to part this out. Bass sounds really good and plays ‘ok’ but will play better once the frets are leveled. Sold as a project as there is minor work to do and there is little if any pedigree. No case, No Bag.

Kebo's Bass Works

Kebo's Bass Works

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