I try to carry the hard to find gear...the stuff you hear about then say "ok let me find it" only to determine you have to get on some waitlist and be worn out by the time your number comes up.   I myself tried to acquire Nachos via the 'Available" list...only to find out most are pre-sold.  Also there is a nice aspect of getting one from me...the fact I've now had more than most people (and often several at once).  I can tell you what it will sound like so that you don't get a bright 'country' one if you want that rich midrangey one...or that raspy rocker.  Also, I maintain a library of vintage and modern reference amps so that I can try the instrument through something that is close to what you're using. This Nacho is spectacular!  Here are the specs (You can find them all by looking in the pictures for a complete SHEET).
  • Just 6lb-7 ounces
  • Ron Ellis Pickups (6.65k neck & 10.06k Bridge)
  • Comes ONLY with what you see here PLUS CASE.
  • Original Hardshell Case Included
  • Middle Position is both pickups acting as a Humbucker
  • Medium Frets
  • D Neck Profile
  • No Fretwear.


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