Nash JG-63 Black Electric Guitar NG- 2338


It's got jingles...jangles...and so much more! A modern refinement of the classic offset!

What we think:

We don't get too many offsets in, but you better believe that the ones we do get in are top notch!

The JG-63 is a refinement of the classic shortscale offset formula. Nash's excellent relic-ing makes the neck on this one feel like your favorite old t-shirt' comfortable but fresh. The single coils channel the classic Jag quack and jangle, but what really sets this J-style apart is that when you have both pickups engaged and the signature Jag 'strangle switch' on, the pickups are set out of phase for a unique, bright and skronky sound that's great for biting chords or quick country-style runs. It's not often that you can incorporate an offset into country, but this one can do it, believe me!

The Nash JG-63 is a perfect upgrade to your typical Jag. Snag this one before it's too late!

Manufacturer Description:

We are the largest independent builder of aged guitars and basses. 
Though our guitars replicate the look and vibe of old instruments, they have several updates in specs which appeal to the modern 
player. Only 100% Nitrocellulose lacquer is used, and all paints are hand mixed. No plastics, polyesters, 
catalyzed lacquer, or any wood strangling material.

All our guitars and basses are handcrafted in the USA by guitar and bass players.

We will not make something that we ourselves would not play.

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