Nash S-63 Fiesta Red Electric Guitar NG-2661


An S-style guitar made in the image of yesteryear's greatest rockers!

What we think:

Weight: 7.95 lbs.

This Nash S-63 is an absolutely incredible S-style guitar, battle ready for all your musical needs whether you're playing live, in the studio, or just at home!

The guitar utilizes Lollar Vintage Blonde pickups in the neck and middle and a Special S in the bridge. The Special S is wound a little hotter with a higher output, a responsive smooth low-end and treble frequencies that cut through the mix. The Vintage Blondes have a relatively scooped mid-range and robust low end that work wonderfully in tandem with the Special S.

While trying this guitar out, we at SoundPure were in sonic bliss in the 4th position between neck and middle pickup. The pickups have a lot of life in them and the guitar is very lively. It doesn't matter whether you're looking for a guitar to brave the club gigs, or just one to explore the sonic realm with at home - the Nash S-63 is the perfect guitar for the player looking for some vintage mojo! 

Manufacturer Description:

The most replicated and well known guitar shape ever. Introduced in 1954, it soon became the guitar that would shape popular music.

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