This Nashville Guitar Company 000 is your short track to fingerstyle heaven. The 000 body and 12-fret neck give this guitar a rich, sweet voice that's bursting at the seams with delicate overtones and a crisp, responsive bass register. With Koa back and sides for dryness and articulation, and Spruce for powerful projection, this is the perfect storm for a solo fingerstylist. We tried this guitar in Standard, in DADGAD, in DADF#AD, in DADFAD, all the way down to Cadd9 and Open C--it handled each and every tuning we threw its way with aplomb. In particular, Open D Minor had an extra chills-up-your-spine factor, thanks to that Koa dryness.

The 12-fret neck is comfortable in the left hand, and the string-to-string separation is superb; perfect for complex fingerpicking arrangements. The fit and finish is top notch, with gold Waverly slotted tuners for easy retunings between sets, and the 000 size and shape make this guitar instantly intimate in your hands.

Year Condition Color
2003 Excellent Koa


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