Up for sale, a 1957 National Debonaire electric archtop in good condition and in good working order. This instrument excels both acoustically and when plugged in, with a 3 3/8" body depth and 15" lower bout delivering a pronounced and clear archtop tone. The midrange is present without being overbearing and lead lines come through with plenty of zing in the top end and tight bass. When plugged in, the neck pickup has a warm, wooly tone with moderate output, ideal for complex jazz chord voicings and a perfect match with your favorite low wattage tube amp. As National (Valco) in Chicago wasn't equipped to produce archtop instruments, for the Debonaire, they contracted Harmony to produce the bodies, as evidenced by the Harmony factory order number still stamped inside the body! These well crafted USA bodies were then matched with National's electronics and signature bolt-on neck design to create a very unique and classy instrument.

The neck has a nice medium C profile that stays consistent as you move up the fretboard and fills the palm nicely without being too chunky. The frets are intact on the Brazilian rosewood fretboard, showing only very light wear in the first position and seemingly retaining all of their original height with decades of life left.
On the body, the simple and elegant electronics layout works exactly as it should, with Volume and Tone controls for the single neck pickup. Actually an oversized single coil with an alnico bar magnet, the National pickups have a look and tone all their own and provide a great alternative to more traditional tonalities, especially in ensemble situations.
Cosmetically, this guitar is in good shape, with some light checking on the body and wear marks throughout. Please see pics.
Overall this Debonaire a great vintage USA made National archtop!
Includes non original case

Year Condition Color Case
1957 Very Good Sunburst Soft


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