Holy overtone resonance. For your consideration a 2014 National NRP 12 fret in Black Rust. Before the invention of the amplifier the resonator was designed to be loud and project. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to play one of these you know how loud they are! One of the coolest aspects is their incredible reverb like tone, you can really pull out some amazing overtones you don’t normally hear on a regular guitar. The metal body coupled with the single cone (pointed like a speaker right at your chest) makes for a truly unique and mystical experience.

Specs! This guitar is all original and in excellent condition. Original 3 plate tuners. Ebony nut measures 1-13/16″. Mahogany neck with a depth of .92″ at the first fret and 1.12″ at the twelfth fret (Slight V shape). Ebony fingerboard with a 16″ radius. Actions measures 5/64″ straight across at the twelfth fret. The original 19 jumbo frets are in excellent condition. The body is constructed out of a thin gauge steel finished in their Black Rust. Biscuit bridge with ebony saddle. This is a single cone resonator. Stamped nickel tail piece. Sieve coverplate. Comes with its original hard shell case. Weighs 7 pounds and 13 ounces.

If you haven’t played a National then you don’t know what you’re missing! There is truly no comparison between a National and the lower tier resonators you’ll find on the market. National spent a lot of time under the hood of vintage resonators and meticulously honed their craft to bring some of the best resonators ever built to the market. This is a special guitar! When you play it it’s like sitting in a cathedral. Haunting reverb like tone, the metal body and cone accentuate overtones like crazy. Unless you already own a National you don’t have anything that sounds like this!

Year: 2014

Model: NRP

Serial: 19906

Finish: Black Rust

Case: Comes with its original hard shell case.

Weight: 7 pounds and 13 ounces.

Condition: This guitar is in excellent condition.

Modifications: None.

Comments: A cathedral in a box!

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