The Style O single-cone resonator added some glitz to the National line in the early years of the depression, hoping to catch the eye of a potential buyer and cash in on the Hawaiian music craze. This sand-blasted Hawaiian scene is referred to as 'variation six', since the Style O line went through at least eight variations during its production run. The serial number dates this one to 1934, places it among the earliest 14-fret guitars offered by National, and conforms to the typical features of a '34 Style O: bell-brass body, nickel plate with sand-blasted Hawaiian scene, 'chicken feet' cover plate, 14-fret maple neck, slotted headstock, rolled F-holes, National decal on headstock. The tuners and frets were likely replaced on this one. The stamped tail piece is original. The cone is original, and had some kinks 'ironed-out' but holds tune/tension well. Much of the finish is worn off the back of the neck (typical of this period, the neck is a three-layered affair: neck, fingerboard, with a thin layer of wood sandwiched in-between), the nickel shows some tarnish and wear on the body, especially on the top, several coverplate screw holes are stripped out, but hold in place, there are two dents at the bottom in the area of the end pin, with a few nicks and dings in other areas. There are no open body seams. There is a bow in the neck from string tension, and action is 9/64th from top of 12th fret to bottom of low and hi E strings.
The guitar actually plays quite well and is very loud, unlike some Style Os that are banjo-like in tone. This one sounds more like a steel-bodied resonator. Comes with a new-ish TKL hard case. Reduced Price!

Year Condition Color Case
1934 Very Good Nickel Hard

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4:47 AM

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