Neumann TLM 170R Microphone


Large Diaphragm, Studio Condenser Microphone

Manufacturer Description:

The TLM 170R is a large diaphragm, studio condenser microphone with 5 polar patterns selected either by a rotary switch on the rear side of the microphone, or remotely by the N 48 R-2 dual phantom power supply / controller, (optional). "TLM" stands for Trans-formerless Microphone. The "R" denotes remote control capability. Remote control of microphone polar patterns had previously been achieved only through the use of special, multi-conductor cables and connectors. The TLM 170R is the first microphone to achieve this feat via standard, two conductor shielded microphone cable and 3-pin XLR type connectors.

When using the rotary switch on the rear of the body of the microphone to select the polar patterns, the TLM 170R will function normally with any 48V phantom power source conforming to DIN 45 596. For remote control of the polar pattern, the "r" position is selected and the N 48R-2 is required. The N 48 R-2 will provide phantom power and independent polar pattern control for two microphones. Remote control is affected by varying the phantom power voltage in 1.5V increments from 45-51 volts.

The mic comes equipped with a swivel shock-mount providing effective isolation from external mechanical vibrations. It may be easilyremoved or mounted on the opposite side of the microphone when required. An optional elastic suspension EA 170 is also available.

The TLM 170R is distinguished from previous TLM 170 by a red ring around the base of the microphone body. Two finishes are available: satin nickel, (silver) and matte black. Previous TLM 170 can be upgraded for remote control via circuit modification.

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