Neumann TLM 49 Microphone Set


With a big, warm sound and a retro look, this studio microphone is optimized for silky smooth vocal recordings. Using the capsule of the legendary M 49 and U 47, the TLM 49 offers a beautiful blend of vintage warmth, quality build construction, and a name you can trust. Set includes elastic suspension mount.

What we think:

Looking for a great, affordable microphone that is tuned for Vocals and says "Neumann" on the badge, this is it!  More than the TLM 102 or TLM 103, the TLM49 is the entry level vocal microphone from Neumann.  With a very smooth response, nice proximity effect and a forward mid-range, the TLM 49 is made to track all types of vocals, and then to be flexible in the mix.

The other TLM series microphone can come across as harsh, but the TLM 49 was designed to not have that same pushed top end.  The TLM 49 was built from the ground up to incorporate their Transformerless Design (TLM), but still have the warmth and presence of a typical tube mic.  If you are tired of your vocals being harsh and top heavy, this is the perfect mic for you!

Manufacturer Description:

The TLM 49* is a large-diaphragm studio microphone with a cardioid directional characteristic and a warm sound which is especially optimized for vocal performance. It is supplied as a set, with an elastic suspension.


The design is inspired by that of the legendary M 49 and M 50 microphones of the 1950s. Naturally the TLM 49 has the typical Neumann fine matte nickel finish. The “sound design” is also oriented toward that of the M 49 and the U 47. 


By combining its retro look with proven Neumann transformerless circuit technology, this microphone ensures low self-noise and the use of high gain levels.


During the development phase, the sound was adjusted in extensive practical tests, so as to make the TLM 49 ideal particularly for vocal and speech recording. However, in addition, it is also suitable for instrumental applications in professional production studios and demanding home recordings.

Polar pattern

The large-diaphragm capsule of the TLM 49 provides a cardioid directional characteristic with a tendency toward supercardioid, due to the special capsule construction. Following the example of the M 49, high frequencies are more directional. The capsule diameter is 34 mm.


The front of the microphone is indicated by the red Neumann logo on the microphone body. The capsule is oriented so that the microphone is addressed from the front.

Acoustic features

The TLM 49 uses the famous K 47 capsule, which was also used in the M 49 and the U 47. The capsule has a linear frequency response up to the upper mid-range. Above 2 kHz there is a gentle presence boost up to 3 dB.


The capsule is enclosed by a large microphone headgrille, which is acoustically very open and is hence neutral with regard to the sound.

Electrical features

The letters TLM stand for “transformerless microphone”. With TLM technology the usual output transformer is replaced by an electronic circuit. 


As with traditional transformers, it ensures good common mode rejection, and prevents RF interference that may influence the balanced audio signal.


Noise signals which affect the balanced modulation line are therefore effectively suppressed. The microphone can operate at sound pressure levels of up to 129 dB without distortion, and provides a dynamic range of 117 dB (A-weighted).

Operational safety

The entire interior structure is mounted elastically, to prevent the transmission of structure-borne noise. In addition, the capsule is mounted with a rubber shock mount. 


Due to the wide frequency response, the TLM 49 can also transmit extremely low-frequency signals without coloration. Of course this means that the microphone is also sensitive to noise signals such as vibration noise and wind noise in this frequency range. The TLM 49 is therefore supplied with the elastic suspension EA 3, which effectively protects the microphone from structure-borne noise. If the microphone is addressed at extremely close range, pop screen PS 15 or PS 20 a can be used in front of the microphone to provide protection against plosive sounds.


*The design of the microphone is a registered design of the Georg Neumann GmbH in certain countries.

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