Neumann KH 120 Active Studio Monitor Pair Demo/Open Box


Don't be deceived by the small size - these Neumann KH 120's are packing some serious HEAT, and are equally at home in a commercial facility or a bedroom studio.

What we think:

When Neumann decided they wanted to get into the studio monitor market, they really did it right by buying out an outstanding and well-established company - Klein & Hummel. The Neumann KH 120 is a refined version of the original K&H O 110. Neumann was able to tighten up the tolerances on the components and essentially has created a more consistent O 110.

If you liked the old K&H O 110, you'll be right at home with the Neumann KH120's. If you're not familiar with either monitor, you're in for a treat. The 120's are remarkably full range for a speaker of this size. They extend noticeably further down than other 4 or 5 inch monitors in this class, and have a more robust representation of the low end that lives down there.

These monitors are a breeze to work on. There's a great sense of depth, with a well defined back wall to your stereo field. They're quite detailed, so you're going to be hearing all the subtle nuances of your compressor settings, and your delay and reverb tails - it may not always be pleasant, but better that you hear it while mixing rather than on playback of a finished album! Speaking of that detail, these monitors really seem to expose your mix for what it really is, without smacking you across the face with it. You can work on these monitors all day long, hearing everything you need to hear, without the ear fatigue you'd find in many other monitors.

The KH 120's are world class monitors that are easy to work with. Give us a call and try a pair out for yourself!


Manufacturer Description:

Neumann is excited to introduce its latest innovation, the KH 120, representing the first product in the new line of Neumann Studio Monitors.

The KH 120 A studio monitor is designed for use as a near-field loudspeaker or as a rear loudspeaker in larger multi-channel systems. The KH 120 A represents the latest in acoustic and electronic simulation and measurement technologies to ensure the most accurate sound reproduction possible. It has a Mathematically Modeled Dispersion waveguide (MMD (TM), flexible acoustical controls, analog class-AB amplifiers, a large headroom analog input and an extensive mounting hardware range. All of this provides the user with the maximum versatility over a wide variety of acoustic conditions, source equipment, and physical locations.

The KH 120 is perfect for tracking, mixing and mastering in music, broadcast, project and post-production studios. 


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