Neumann KH 420 - Active Studio Monitor Pair


Designed for use as a mid-field or main monitor, the KH 420 is an excellent choice for use in music, broadcast, and post production studios. 

Manufacturer Description:

The KH 420 represents the result of using the latest techniques in acoustical, electronic and mechanical design to bring a new benchmark in audio reproduction quality. In-house computer optimized drivers, a waveguide featuring Mathematically Modeled Dispersion™ (MMD™), flexible acoustical controls, various input options, and an extensive mounting hardware range allow the KH 420 to be used in diverse acoustical conditions, with any source equipment, and in a wide variety of physical locations.
The KH 420 has been designed for use as a mid-field or main monitor. It is particularly well-suited for use in music, broadcast, and post production studios for tracking, mixing, and mastering. The KH 420 can be used free-standing or flush mounted into a wall, and, in multichannel systems, can be mixed freely with other loudspeakers in the range.
  •  Computer mechanically modeled three-way cabinet design using Low resonance Integral Molding™ (LRIM™) materials
  •  New in-house simulated magnetically shielded drivers
  •  Powerful alloy fabric dome tweeter with built-in grille
  •  Fabric dome, neodymium magnet, midrange driver
  •  Long throw bass driver with Extremely Linear Force Factor™ (ELFF™) and flow optimized die cast basket
  •  High-capacity flow-optimized bass reflex ports with pipe damped
  •  Elliptical Mathematically Modeled Dispersion™ (MMD™) waveguide, with wide horizontal and narrow vertical dispersion
  •  Two-color dimmable Neumann logo
  •  Electronics panel with generously dimensioned integrated Accelerated Heat Tunneling™ (AHT™) heat sink
  •  Fast-acting independent thermo limiters for woofer, midrange dome and tweeter to protect the voice coils. Woofer soft clip and excursion limiters.
  •  Production consistency due to individual hand-alignment in final test
  •  4-position bass, low-mid and treble acoustical controls and easy to use parametric equalizer
  •  Wide range input gain and output level controls
  •  Ground lift
  •  Optional (DIM 1) digital XLR/BNC inputs and buffered BNC output
  •  Optional (DIM 1) lipsync delay 
  •  Optional (DIM 1) time-of-flight delay 
  •  Universal dual (bass and mid/treble) switched-mode power supplies (100 … 240 V)
  •  Fully documented extensive mounting hardware options
  •  Optional robust metal grille
  •  Optional transportation accessories

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