Neumann TLM 193 Microphone


A large-diaphragm mic reduced to the essentials, but with no compromise in quality, featuring a cardioid directional characteristic and a classic design.

What we think:

To some degree, the Neumann TLM193 is a bit underrated. It has been called a "dark" microphone, when in fact it is one of the few neutral/flat large diaphragm microphones currently available on the market. Technically, the capsules size, which is smaller than the traditional Neumann capsule, is more of a cross betweeen a large diaphragm mic and a small diaphragm mic... so, what you get is a very responsive and detailed microphone that has all of warmth you'd expect from a Neumann. It does suprisingly well on brass (you should hear this thing on tenor sax), but can record symphony orchestra, or grand piano really well 

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