Noble & Cooley 4.75x14 Alloy Classic Snare Drum "Black"


Unlike most metal drums, the Alloy Classic is built of cast aluminum, not rolled sheet metal, or sliced from tubing. This process renders a more porous shell, and the resulting sound is denser. It has much more character than most metal snares. By tuning the heads high, you can still realize the "crack" or "pop" of a metal drum, but at looser tunings the sound of the drum can approximate the warmness of a wood shell.

Manufacturer Description:

CONSISTENCY: The Alloy Classic shell is machined after casting. Lathing and CNC machining produce a drum of incredible consistency. The bearing edge and shell dimensions are kept to a very tight tolerance.

HARDWARE: The Alloy Classic uses the famous N&C brass throw-off and patented cam action snares. The lugs are low-mass brass tube style lugs, and the rims are triple-flanged. The hardware is all black powdercoat, but can be chromed for an additional charge.

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