Noble & Cooley 4.75x14 Horizon Series Snare Drum-Dark Cherry


The Horizon line of snare drums was designed to compliment the Horizon drum kits. These snares are built of the same shell ply as the kits, and offer many of the same design features. 4.75x14 Dark Cherry Gloss

What we think:

The Horizons snares are anything but simple. Aesthetically, their minimalism is understated giving way to their full and complex sonic attributes. At a medium tuning, the drums have fullness and a warm note when struck dead center. Every note has a solid, cutting top with a warm full bottom. The 2.3mm hoops keep the drum lively and open while the low-mass solid lugs add focus and balance to the sound by providing a slight compression on the shell and minimizing some overtones. Each note has a smooth attack drawn from the shell, with a touch of warm color. Tuned up high, a great crisp sound that that highlights the shell wall with a smooth even crack and fantastic rebound. Dropped down low, the drum really sings in a big way. Rounded fullness reminiscent of power ballads is ever present but allowing the sparkle of the cam action snare wires to shine through. The spongy rebound really allows the player to lay into the back beat as well as press rolls without ever having to really work to pull notes out of the drum.

Manufacturer Description:

Noble & Cooley is a custom drum shop and make their drums to order, not to fulfill any particular marketing niche or price point. These are pro-level drums and so they use nothing but the finest in materials and workmanship. They are a research driven company. What that means is that each drum they make has been painstakingly designed to provide the best sound possible.

Noble & Cooley has found a simple, transparent solution to the common and bothersome problem of drum detuning. The lugs are fitted with delrin inserts that create a cold form around the inherent thread imperfections of any given tension rod. This effectively locks the tension rod in place virtually eliminating the usual drum detuning that stick impact creates.

Noble & Cooley researched the impact of venting. They found that multiple venting holes, placed correctly, made a difference not only in the sound of the drum, but also in the feel. Symmetrical venting lends the drum a more consistent rebound at various locations on the head. They also placed the vent holes in line with any other holes that need to be drilled in the shell (lug mounting, e.g.). This reduces the inhibiting effect that drilling has on shell vibration. In a nod to aesthetics (and looking good always counts!), we designed our lugs in such a way that allows the vent holes to be completely out of sight.

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