Nolatone Road Hogg 22 Amp Head


More like Road Warrior! This is a simple and truly effective boutique cab that gets the job done and sounds absolutely amazing! Check out the videos and sound clips!

What we think:

My ears played a trick on me. I've heard my co-worker Eddie rippin' it up on this amp when showing it to many of our walk-in customers at the SoundPure boutique in Durham, NC. I thought I was hearing a british-style amp with 2 or even 4x12 configuration under it. Paul works some serious magic to makes his amps sound freakin huge! From the Rotten Johnny to this Road Hogg, you can get an aweful lot of amazing tone without super high wattage or big rigs. I just jumped behind the wheel with a Duesenberg 49er solid LP-style guitar and discovered that when in front of this amp, as apposed to hearing from another room like I was before, presents a tonal pellet I've definitely been craving! Spongy and crunchy overdrive and a boost channel that growls like no other! Very nice overtones on trailing chords and a fullness you wouldn't expect from a pair of 6V6's through a 1x12 cab. I'm glad to see Warehouse Guitar Speakers in these amps! Very nice speakers! Bold flavor

Well, that's my two cents. take a listen to the sound clips and watch Eddie rip it up on the demo videos. Give us a call to chat about this killer amp!

Manufacturer Description:

The Road Hogg was designed for the stage and those who perform on that stage night after night. It represents many lessons I've learned working with working musicians, listening to their concerns, and learning what is important to them. The requirements for this design included (in n particular order):

Simplicity. The amp must be easy to dial up night after night. Most of the controls you'll use for your basic palette will likely be dialed somewhere around noon. You can dial to taste if you wish, but you may not need to!

Pedal compatability: Most of players I've worked with rely on a pedalboard to get the variety of flavors they need in their sonic recipe. Our special pentode configured dual triode input stage behaves like an EF86 without the problems that plague the EF86 pentode tube. This stage makes the Road Hogg work exceptionally well with pedals.

Inspiration: All Nolatone amps have this requirement. They must inspire the player to interact with the amplifier as an extension of their guitar, fingers, and soul. Dynamics and responsiveness are key here.

Versatility: That may sound contradictory to my "Simplicity" item above, but the Road Hogg integrates features like the foot switchable "Boost" and "Mid Lift" controls, the latter which interacts with our own unique mid control offering two completely different tones at the  stomp of a switch. Add to that the bypassable cut control, and you have tools to easily shape a plethora of tones. Though, they can all stay politely out of the way if you really just want the simple 5 knob traditional single channel amp.

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