Nolatone Rotten Johnny 1x12 Combo Amp w/ Effects Loop


Rotten Johnny - Same compact package with the huge,organic tone, now with an effects loop!

What we think:

The Rotten Johnny has Pre, Post, and Master controls along with a 6 position Bottom (Bass) Control that along with Mids and Highs lets you sculpt a boat load of different tones. We also have a Mid Lift switch for extra dirt Love this little guy. Used one with an 11 piece horn ban, I had an extra 1x12" Cab with me but unplugged it as I didn't need it. I could sit in the mix just fine. Check out the demo videos and call us up for more info. SoundPure believes in this brand! This is one of the best priced boutique amp lines out there. Let's talk more about the Rotten Johnny! 

Manufacturer Description:

In developing the upcoming Black Tooth, we just couldn't wait until next year to share some of the really smokin' features of the new Black Tooth with you, so meet "Rotten Johnny", a little amp with BIG attitude.

It borrows some of the preamp features from the upcoming rock machine and puts them together in a somewhat scaled back but still ultra flexible package that is easy on the back AND with a street price of $1399, easy on the wallet!

The dual gain control scheme from the Junebug is carried into this model, and paired with a post phase inverter master volume, the control over gain staging is second to none.

In addition to great control over gain staging, the pre and post gain control is very useful in getting the most from your pedals in front of the amp (not that you NEED dirt boxes with the RJ!). The Pre Gain control determines how hard the second stage is driven, and the Post Gain control determines how hard the phase inverter is driven. Manipulate these controls in conjunction with your overdrive/distortion pedal controls to dial up what you want to hear in great detail.

The Rotten Johnny has three tone controls but you'll sense there's something very different about them.

The bass control (RJ calls it "bottom") is a 6 position clicker that sets the bass rolloff.

The mid control is completely stand alone and not part of a typical "tone stack", which tends to also limit their functionality. This mid control, when dialed down, allows the bottom and top to seem extended and really transforms the sound into something much more "Fendery". Add a serial effects loop standard so you can plug in your favorite reverb pedal. Also, we have a "mid lift" switch that provides a nice boost for solos or just over the top crunch. This is also footswitchable!

The top control is a Vox style cut control wired backwards so when you turn it down, it gets less bright.

We use this approach to tone shaping on this amp because it delivers more harmonically rich and complex tones, while at the same time offering much better flexibility for dialing up different tones.


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