NPNG QMP-4NW 4 Channel Microphone Preamp


4 channel mic pre from NPNG

Manufacturer Description:


From NPNG - "NPNG's mission is to create new and exciting devices for use in the recording studio. Our criteria for design is based only on usability, sound and reliability. We believe your ears are the most sensitive “test” gear on the planet.  The actual "bench specifications" for the unit are comparable to any of the best pre-amps built by any manufacturer at any time in history, the difference being that we spent more time listening to music than chasing the best specifications on the planet.


NPNG started building Mic Pre-Amps in 1995. Virtually all of the original units are still in use today. The occasional service requests we get are all related to mechanical damage.  The circuits are robust and reliable. Built with the finest components available, the QMP4 [and soon to be arriving DMP2 two channel pre-amp] will yield many years of trouble free use.  Let's face it, if a pre-amp isn't able to work 24/7/365 then it is of little use to anyone so ours are made to be bulletproof."


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