How red was my lap steel? Salacious Red? Pernicious Red? Insolent Red? Shamelessly Red? It just don't get no better than this in an outrageously cool 1950s Oahu / Valco lap steel, completely decked out in Crimson Mother-of-, well, you know. Better yet, it's all chromed up too, kinda like a hot-rodded '57 Chevy Bel Aire, and it's all original. With that hot hot world-beating Valco pickup and its totally original Kluson tuners, you'll be both the King and the Queen of The Silver Dollar when you get up on stage with your spiffy new 1957 Oahu, louche as they come. Move it on over, Junior Brown. With original case of course. $895 w/ossc

Matt Umanov Guitars

Matt Umanov Guitars

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Matt Umanov Guitars
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