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The huge success of our original Blue Oasisý "sound-hole" humidifier has brought many inquiries about ways to provide humidification for other instruments including violins, violas, cellos, mandolins, ukuleles, jazz guitars and guitars with flat top cases.

Oasis case humidifier in useAfter careful consideration, we decided that the best approach to solving this challenge was to develop a humidifier that attaches to the inside of the instrument case. Finding a secure way to attach the humidifier to the inside of the case, and still have it easily removed and re-attached, was no small challenge.

Oasis case humidifier in useStarting with our proven technology, the Blue Oasisý humidifier, we inserted two neodymium magnets in the seam of the humidifier*. The magnets then attach to the instrument case using either a steel belt style clip or a stainless steel strip with adhesive backing. The belt style clip fits over the side of the case and provides a flat vertical surface for the magnets to adhere. The adhesive backed stainless steel strip allows for either vertical or horizontal attachment anywhere there is a flat surface inside the case**. An advantage of this type of humidifier is the flexibility to position the humidifier in a wide variety of locations within your instrument case.

Thatýs not all folks! We are also including a 10cc. syringe. The syringe will increase the userýs control during filling or refilling the humidifier. Since the humidifier holds about 32ccýs of water, it will take 3+ syringes of water to fill the first time. After that, refills should only take 1+ syringe of water. As always, we recommend the use of distilled water which will extend the useful life of your humidifier.

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