Oldfield 5922 1x12 Combo Amplifier


22 glorious watts of versatile, delicious tone!

What we think:

This 5922 1x12 combo was my first experience with Oldfield amplifiers and I can honestly say that I am hooked. Short of turning it off, it is simply impossible to keep this amp from sounding amazing! Its two 6V6-powered channels offer foot-switchable cranked tweed and British power, respectively, with an additional "Edge" control on Channel One for extra top end tailoring. Throw in power scaling and an effects loop and you've got one ultra-flexible, touch-sensitive tone machine!  

Manufacturer Description:

The 5922 is a 22W 2 channel amplifier featuring two 6V6 tubes in the output stage.  Both channels have very different and distinct voicings to give the player a broad tonal pallet from old Supro sounds to cranked British overdrive. Both channels share a single tone stack and Channel 1 incorporates a top cut control to further tailor it’s tone. Channel switching is accomplished from either the front panel or with an included footswitch.  At Oldfield Tube Amplification we focus on tone, quality and customer relationships. Our goal is to inspire you.

We hand-craft every amplifier one at a time, using vacuum tube circuitry and the highest quality components. And because we understand that your approach to music is uniquely your own, our service always begins with a customer consultation. We take pride in providing you with a perfectly nuanced amplifier designed to inspire you to your musically best.

Whether you are a national recording artist or enjoy practicing your favorite songs at home, you can rely on the Oldfield difference. Our amplifiers are built to last a lifetime.

See what the Oldfield difference can do for you.

- Point To Point Circuits

- Wiring On G10 Boards With Turrets  

- Polyester Film And Foil Capacitors

- USA Made Transformers 

- Wide Selection Of Speakers Featuring Celestion, Eminence, Jensen, Tone Tubby and Weber

- Highest Quality Finger Jointed Cabinets

- Wide Range Of Color Options With No Up Charges

- Intoxicating Tone

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