Oldfield Club D'Lux Convertible Classic 1x12 Combo Amp- Used


Handwired, point-to-point, tube driven goodness! Versatile 20 or 40 watt design!

What we think:

Oldfield sure does know how to make an amp. This handwired, point-to-point beauty nails that 22w Fender 1x12 sound but if you need a little more headroom by all means move on up to the 40w setting! I love Oldfield's expanded reverb controls which allow you to perfectly dial in the amount of space, really letting your guitar breathe and bloom on top of the musical and inspiring tremolo. This is really a do anything amp at a very easy on the wallet used price!

Comes with slipcover and footswitch! Call Soundpure today for more details! 

Manufacturer Description:

The Club D'Lux is a 22 watt single channel amplifier featuring two 6V6 tubes in the output stage, reverb and bias modulated tremolo. This amp has incredible clean tones and sounds wonderful overdriven as well. The tone is warm with tight, defined bass and chimey highs. It is suited for a variety of player styles including jazz, country and classic rock. 

The classic versions of the Club D'Lux include a second channel without reverb and tremolo.

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