An absolutely perfect, literally never-used, fourteen-year-old OME open-back banjo, all set up for the old-timey crowd. OME, makers of the most beautifully and most understated design banjos ever, not to mention the most impeccably crafted, has been around since the early 1960s, originally under the Ode name. The company still makes no more than 150 banjos a year and I was honored to be one of their very few dealers for a very long time. This wonderful OME has a 12” diameter rim in the old 19th-century style, for a deeper tone. Its ebony fingerboard, with lovely abalone inlays, has the traditional “frailing scoop” down at its lower end, and the tuning pegs are of course geared planetaries with a geared fifth peg as well. The neck and rim are mahogany, with a beautiful satin finish. It currently has nylon strings on it but can easily have regular steel strings as well. All you banjo nuts out there know the OME legend and I needn’t say any more about it, other than that this is a wonderful, lifetime keeper that came to me from someone to whom it was given but just couldn't appreciate it, wanted to see it get a better home. A rare opportunity at $1895 w/ohsc

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