Product Description

The Option 5 Destination phase was created to be a sonic replica of a 'Small Stone meets Phase 90'. When I say sonic replica, I mean just that. The circuitry inside is nowhere near the same. True, panning, stereo phase shifting. No distortion on peaks. Wide range of Speed control. Non tone altering Depth control. Cool Regeneration control. Non-Tone-Sucking Bypass. To start, the Destination Phase is quiet... forget hissing and popping on the Destination Phase! It has a non-tone-sucking bypass. It uses LDR's so there is no annoying distortion on the peaks as with normal phasers. All analog circuitry makes it smooth, swirly and warm. Another cool feature is the 'Depth' control. It is just like a level control for the amount of phase mixed into the original signal. It works extremely well and when it is turned fully counter-clockwise, there is no audible difference between effect and bypass. Of course, crank it all the way up and you get gooey, swirlalicious phasing! Think that is enough cool stuff? I am not finished yet! The 'Speed' control allows this phaser to sweep way slower than other phasers will; this works great in stereo for a super cool doubling/panning effect. The LED pulses in time with the effect. It is powered by either battery or the supplied, standard 9 volt wallwart.

Year Condition Color
2011 <Unknown> Green


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