The Rockerverb 100 MK II builds on the classic proven Rockerverb formula and improves the specification and range available. The all valve, twin-channel Rockerverb Mk II offers switchable output valves, which means you can swap the factory-fitted EL34 output valves to 6L6's, KT88's or 6550's at the flick of a switch. The clean channel delivers a super rich clean tone with beautiful harmonic overtones. The dirty channel on the Rockerverb is to say the least 'Dirty'. . . . but it is by no means a one trick pony. Going from full gain and winding back shows a variety of classic Orange tones, whether you're looking for metal, fusion, blues, rock or even country the Rockerverb does not fall short.

Year Condition Color Case
2013 Brand New Orange None


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