This guitar is truly one of a kind! From NAMM 2020! 

Truly one of a KIND!

Model: SX-Custom

Finish: Sponge effect, multicolour stain effect, gloss.

Body: Black Limba

Neck: Indian rosewood, Oiled

Scale: Multi-Scale: 25.5-27.5

Frets: Jumbo Stainless Steel Frets

Pickups: Hot Rock A8 bridge, Apex A5 neck single coil

Electronics: 500k Volume, 3 way toggle, 500k push/pull tone



DIMENSIONS-Multiscale and all the details

For a guitar or bass, the fanned arrangement of the Multiscale fretboard creates scale lengths for each individual string. We generally call this the "spread". For Ormsby Guitars, the spread is as follows:
Six string: 25.5" - 27.5"

Due to the increased scale length on the bass side, the tension of the strings increases. We recommend you try dropping a gauge on the bottom end, for example, if you usually use 9-46's, try 9-42's.


The bridges are custom made for us to exacting tolerances by Hipshot Products USA. We are very proud to have them as our partners in production of hardware for both our custom shop and GTR range of guitars as their quality is second to none.


There is one thing most people notice straight away when playing a Multiscale. The tone.  The increased tension improves tone. If you've ever put a larger set of strings on your guitar, you'll notice the tone was a little fatter. This is more due to the increase of the string tension, rather than the physical dimension of the string. There is a point of diminished return on a regular guitar... if the strings are too big, the sustain suffers. Imagine a bass string on a guitar; the string dimension has increased, the string tension has increased, but the string physically cannot vibrate for as long. A longer scale length solves this issue.


Consider a Multiscale as a normal guitar. You tune it the same. Bends are as per normal. However, intonation is more accurate. The bass side strings do not stretch as much when you hit them with a plectrum, so you don't get as much pitch increase in the initial attack of the note.


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