Vintage Sound Vintage 40 AB763 2x10 Combo Amp - Used


Vintage blackface vibroverb style amp! Crisp, chimey cleans!

What we think:

The Vintage Sound Vintage 40 is a superb recreation of the original Blackface Vibroverb AB763 circuitry made famous by Fender. The amp boasts a bright and chimey sound all it's own. The second channel is a perfect example of Vintage Sound's extraordinary craftsmanship and sonic quality. A sparkling and glassy high-end meets crisp and focused response with smooth mids and a rounded low end that's never going to wobble out on you. This amp responds phenomenally to semi-hollow instruments, adding an articulate bite to the warm tone and really sharpening everything up. If that's not your thing, feel free to plug in a guitar with P90s and get those airy and jangling surf rock tones you've heard throughout the years. Enough power to pull out to any gig, and sound that won't disappoint in any situation - the Vintage Sound Vintage 40 sounds like a winner in all aspects.
Keep in mind this particular amp has a tube driven tremolo circuit. Aside from the footswitch, you must click the switch on the back of the amp for the tremolo to be engaged. Just like the preamps and power tubes of your amp, you should wait a minute for the tubes to warm up. We recommend turning the tremolo on as soon as your amp is turned on so the tubes warm up on standby with your pre/power section. 
This amp comes with a red and white vinyl slipcover.

Manufacturer Description:

The Vintage Series is inspired by all of your favorites of the Black Face era amps of the mid-60′s.  We have done nothing to change the tone, as we feel Leo Fender got it right!  We use only top quality components in building each and every amplifier.

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