RockBox Baby Blues Distortion Boost Pedal - Used


An incredibly versatile drive/boost/distortion that can give you any tone you see fit!

What we think:

Talk about versatility! This is one stompbox that works overtime and begs for more.  It's intuitive three-knob layout of level, tone and drive will be immediately familiar to guitarists of all generations, but this pedal's magic lies in its four unique toggle switches.  These allow the user to select different settings for boost, bite, and two different classes of overdrive. Moving between these four toggles in any combination allowed the Baby Blues to produce everything from a near clean boost to Santana-like molten leads. The chameleon of blues boxes it offers more versatility than most players will ever need, all without sacrificing the quality of tone you might be chasing. It is rare to find an overdrive of this quality that offers such a wide range of tones. Top it off with a soft-click activation switch to ensure your signal stays quiet, and this baby is an obvious winner.                      

Manufacturer Description:

The Rockbox™ Baby Blues™ Distortion / Boost is a new approach in creating vintage tones. With two distinct Vintage Distortion settings, Clean Boost, TrebleBoost, Gain, Drive and Tone controls, the Baby Blues™ provides over 16 different combinations of tone, which can be further modified by the Gain, Drive and Tone controls.
We started with some very special vintage components to give the Baby Blues™ its classic signature tone. We then completed the design using the best audiophile grade components we could find. The result is a strikingly accurate representation of some of the best signature sounds ever created for guitar. Some settings will result in massive amounts of gain available, while other settings will result in just gain matching, but very creamy tones. All tones available are great, useable additions to the guitarists toolbox.
As with all of our custom effects, final assembly is followed by one final test: Each finished pedal is auditioned using the best test we know of - we listen to it.
We truly believe that the Baby Blues™ is one of the best vintage tone machines you will ever purchase. Not to be confused with or compared with our other effects, the Baby Blues™ will add some great new and vintage sounds to your existing pallette.
If you are like most of us, and have wasted money in the past on effects that just didn't cut it, the Baby Blues™ will make a believer out of you. We think that you will find the Baby Blues™ to be a useful tool in your arsenal of sound, and will get a permanent spot on your pedalboard.

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