LoPrinzi Custom Brazilian OM Acoustic Guitar


Stunning Brazilian OM from the Masterful LoPrinzi! 

What we think:

Always a pleasure to spend time with one "Augie's" creations. If you don't know LoPrinzi, you really should. He's been building for decades and has consulted and designed for some of the biggest names in the industry. This very special OM features Brazilian Rosewood from his private stash acquired in 1963!!! The tone is glorious. Rich and complex. A little spicy. Still plenty of focus and bite. GORGEOUS, too! Interwoven black and reds. Some of the most beautiful Brazilian I've ever seen, really. 

Great playability. Nice, full neck. This one has it all. Tone, looks, charm, and history. 

Won't last long :) 

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Durham, NC
12:17 PM
10am-6pm EST Monday-Friday and 11am-5pm Saturday