Larrivee D-05 Unicorn Inlay Mahogany Acoustic #20841 - Used


An all mahogany dread with custom abalone headstock inlay!

What we think:

A beautifully unique dread made with love, played with love, and definitely ready for much, much more!  The mahogany and size of this thing work really well together--mahogany's strong fundamental tone gives a nice rounded focus to the big projection native to dreads and all that airspace really opens up and warms your playing, from fingerpicking to big open chord-strumming.  It's got a more personal, intimate feel than many of the blow-the-walls-down dreadnoughts out there.  And that unicorn on the headstock?--a personal touch added by Jean Larrivée's wife!  
Condition: Used, Good

Manufacturer Description:

Every Larrivée is built using all solid wood. No plys or laminates are ever used.

We take the time to source all our own material, hand selecting our wood ensures we only use the best of the best. The search takes us from the humid jungles of West India to the spectacular rainforests of British Columbia. The wood then arrives at the factory, ready for our curing combination of air dry and kiln drying.  Some of it will age for up to a decade to achieve optimum tonal properties.

Whatever the wood, whatever the model, when you pick up your Larrivée, you're part of an amazing story - from forest floor to stage floor.

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