Dickiebyrd 17 Amp Head and 1x12 Cabinet, Used - #15072


Refrigerator-sized tone in a lunchbox head and cab!

What we think:

Anyone who knows Richard Goodsell's reputation as an amp builder knows that quality and amazing tone are the hallmarks of his entire product line. No surprises there. What may surprise you when you plug into this Dickiebyrd 17 head and 1x12 cab is the monstrous sound it's capable of putting out for being such a compact package. We're talking massive! Featuring just Volume, Tone and Gain knobs, it could be considered a "no frills" rig, but I'd argue that it simply doesn't need anything else. From low volume arpeggios to earth-shaking riffs, this baby handles it all with pristine clarity and presence. Check out this Dickiebyrd amp and be surprised in the best possible way!

Manufacturer Description:

From builder, Richard Goodsell:

The Dickiebyrd 17 is an original-recipe 3-knob head built to the exact same specs as the original 2004 Super 17, and are being assembled by me here in Atlanta alongside the MkIVs and 33s in a lunchbox-sized box.  They are made from entirely USA-sourced parts, including the chassis, transformers, and enclosure.  The Dickiebyrd brand was conceived to offer an affordable Super 17 without competing directly with the rest of the product line.  Same legendary Goodsell warranty and customer service. 

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